Lawn maintenance. Who likes the time it takes to bag leaves, not to mention the back-wrenching effort?  Whether it’s leaf raking and bagging leaves during autumn yard cleanup or dealing with lawn waste that’s always a part of spring cleanup, lawn care takes time away from the things you’d like to be doing.

You could be bagging leaves and many types of yard waste in half the time. The Leaf & Lawn Reaper is a must-have bagging tool for DIY’ers and landscape professionals alike.  Durable, easy to clean, and quick to assemble, the Leaf & Lawn Reaper is a yard waste carrier that cuts the time to bag leaves and other outdoor materials in half.

The Leaf & Lawn Reaper is not one of those lightweight leaf tarps that rip easily and can handle only light loads.  It’s a heavyweight, holding up to 35 pounds of materials.  Made of double-stitched PVC-backed nylon, sturdy fiber-reinforced polymer rods hold the nylon in place. Simply rake grass, leaves, or other lawn waste such as sticks, needles, and hedge trimmings directly onto the Leaf & Lawn Reaper. There’s no unwieldy lifting or pouring. Just use the handles to provide a balanced load that can be easily poured into any receptacle including paper yard material bags.

In the garden, the yard, or when collecting yard waste for recycling and composting, the Leaf & Lawn Reaper makes quick work of leaf cleanup.

The Leaf & Lawn Reaper is available online at homedepot.com