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The Leafreaper is a high quality rip stop nylon tarp which is engineered to be a portable, lightweight, user friendly, low maintenance lawn waste collecting, moving and bagging tool. It is manufactured to last a lifetime and to simplify lawn maintenance.
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A Convenient way to Bag Leaves

If your yard has trees growing in it or the neighbors’ trees’ leaves blow onto your property, your backyard can look messy and unkempt very quickly. Cleaning up leaves can be an energy consuming process. Raking leaves together and picking them up a few armfuls at a time takes forever and is almost guaranteed to have you choking on dust in the process. We offer a convenient way to bag leaves, so that clearing leaves and debris from your lawn or garden is as easy as sweeping it into a pile and letting our bagging system do the tedious carrying work.

Buy a Large, Re-Usable Lawn Leaf Tarp which will last a lifetime

The cost of replacing cheap tarps which tear and blow around can mount up when you constantly have to pick up leaves in your lawn, not to mention the fact that the leafreaper is designed to easily collect and funnel leaves into waste bags. The leafreaper cleans up like magic, just hose it off and it easily stores on a shelf or in the corner of your garage. No more recycling cheap plastic tarps – it is always less expensive to re-use items where possible. The leafreaper, a large tarp that is made from rip stop nylon has been created with durability in mind, so that you can re-use it again and again to great results.

This Leaf Holder Makes Maneuvering Leaves Easier

When doing a leaf cleanup in your lawn or garden, the logistics of getting leaves into a bag which does not stay open can be a nightmare, and your hard work can easily be undone by a bag which rips or causes you to miss the bag’s mouth by flapping closed as you are trying to fill it. A novel system whereby your leaf bag is filled from a tarp, with two rods on either side and a handle, allows you to first sweep all the leaves to the tarps center before folding over and carrying the bag to your garden refuse bin or collection bag. Leaf disposal is quick and easy.

Do Major Leaf Clean Up with a Well designed Product

You won’t have to traipse back and forth continuously when you have the leafreaper lawn leaf tarp that can hold a large maximum weight (approximately 35 pounds) and is easy to carry via its design and handle. Our leaf collection system is easy to assemble, clean and store, so that you will be able to tidy your lawn or garden quickly with minimum fuss. You can view our video of the leafreaper in action, and see for yourself the efficiency with which it takes care of leaves and any other lawn or garden debris.

Gather and Bag Leaves in Far Less Time

If you are a busy person, but like to do your home maintenance work yourself, a timesaving solution such as our leafreaper can make your outdoor time more enjoyable and reduce stress and injury. Imagine enjoying leaf bagging because you have the right tool to make the job quick and easy. No need to pay a lawn service or check up on someone else’s work. Save time and money while you unwind and relax and have the satisfaction of a job well done. With our novel, patented leaf bagging system, you can save up to 50% of the time it would normally take to clean up leaves in your yard or driveway or garden. You can bag more leaves at once, taking care of the mess quickly before a gust of wind has a chance to undo your hard work.

The Leafreaper is a Fast Way to Harvest Your Garden

The Leafreaper is very versatile. Lay it out in your garden when you are ready to harvest. Fill it from the center out with all your ripe vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Easily pick everything up using the outside center handles and move to the hose where you can gently spray clean all your produce. Let it dry and carry it to the house for storage or preparation. Notice that unlike filling a bucket or basket none of your beautiful, fresh produce suffers bruising and you can gather numerous vegetables in one trip. Everything can be easily moved and cleaned without re-handling. Harvesting your garden just got a little more fun and efficient.

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